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SEE NPL Forum Vol.7

The SEE NPL Forum is an annual business event that brings together various international and local banking professionals, regulators, turnaround management professionals, investors, consultants, and appraisers active in NPL sales and acquisitions to provide them opportunities to meet, share their ideas, and network. The financial and NPL community and regional regulators recognize the event as the go-to event in SEE.

SEE NPL Forum Vol.7 was held on November 17th, 2023, in a hybrid format, onsite and online via the Zoom online platform. The Forum delved into the current state of the regional NPL market, offering a macro-level overview of economic and financial trends, along with the latest regulatory developments in the EU and SEE region. Moreover, the Forum explored the ramifications of high interest rates and inflation on the broader NPL market ecosystem, encompassing investors, servicers, regulators, valuations, and real estate (collateral). A distinctive feature of the conference was three Spotlight Discussions, focusing on the influence of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements on lending activities, the significance of accounts receivable insurance, and the regulatory aspects of the NPL servicer industry. It was the second year the SEE NPL Forum has been included in valuers’ continuous professional development program. The core Forum’s mission is to cultivate a more robust community of industry professionals in Southeast Europe, fostering the exchange of opinions, knowledge, best practices, and experiences. This collaborative effort contributes to the ongoing development of the NPL and Financial Markets ecosystem in the SEE region.



One of the Forum’s primary goals is to create a stronger community of industry professionals in Southeast Europe and enable them to share opinions, knowledge, best practices, and experiences, thus helping them to further develop the NPL ecosystem in this part of the world. A well-thought-out and organized annual event under the brand SEE NPL Forum enhances chances of achieving a better regulatory framework, best knowledge and practice sharing, networking, and regional cooperation.



Past seventh SEE NPL Forums gathered over 1000 leading stakeholders and key regional market participants to exchange practical experiences and insights through a series of interactive panel discussions, confirming the topic’s importance, the NPL market’s investment potential, and its significance for economic growth in the region. This year’s Forum gathered over 260 onsite and online key industry stakeholders from 12 countries.



Market research; Concept development; Program topics production; Speaker research and line-up; Event marketing & promotion; Post-event engagement.



Logistics planning, execution, and supervision



Brand Identity development and implementation

Fact file:


What: SEE NPL Forum 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023

Where: Mona Plaza Hotel, Belgrade, Serbia and online via Zoom platform


  • 260+ onsite and online key industry stakeholders from 12 countries: Serbia, Germany, Montenegro, Hungary, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Greece, North Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, UK, etc.
  • 30+ speakers
  • 2 Opening remarks + 4 Sessions + 3 Spotlight Discussions

Institutional support: National Association of Valuers in Serbia (NAVS)

Official representatives from public institutions: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Croatian National Bank

Forum’s sponsors: ODM Collections, VP Law Firm, EOS Group, Association of Serbian Debt Management Companies (AKUPS), QUALCO, Slovenian Business Club.

Media partners: SeeNews,, LawLife,

Social media coverage: YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, more than 80+ posts

Press clipping: 10+ announcements both in English and Serbian

The video recordings are available on our YouTube channel.