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We advise commercial law firms and professional service providers across Central and Southeast Europe on how to strategically plan and implement their marketing and business development activities.

Discover Diverse Perspectives
on Business Development

What is Business Development?

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. At its heart, business development is all about figuring out how the interactions of those forces combine together to create opportunities for growth.

The Challenge

The way that professional services are sold is different from every other industry. New Angles Consulting takes a specialist outsourced approach to advising on marketing and business development in the professional services industry.

Business Development is an Investment not an Expense

Very often business development is considered as a knee-jerk reaction to a fall in sales. However strategic business development should really be an ongoing process. The reality is that growing and winning new business is an uphill journey, characterised by challenge and uncertainty. Having an outside company with fresh eyes looking at your business strategy and the market can be so helpful.


Our recent projects.

Conferences & Events
Are Priceless To Your Business

All The
World’s A Stage

Nurture relationships and create loyalty

Events will allow you to nurture or reinforce strategic relationships with existing clients. Taking a client to an event and giving them a fantastic experience and opportunity to initiate discussions around the most relevant business topics, exchange opinions, knowledge, and practices, will demonstrate how much you value them.

Create networking opportunities and build your client base

The old saying goes ‘It’s not what you know but who you know’, and that is still true today. At an event, you’ll get the opportunity to reinforce strategic relationships, develop new business, and access a broad network of industry partners across multiple sectors.

Stand out from the crowd

It is important that you showcase your company in a positive light and to stand out from the rest of your competitors, build brand credibility, and enhance your reputation. Being on stage represents an enormous marketing opportunity and a chance to entice a new audience and encourage recommendations from your current clients.


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