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Business Development


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MBD Audit

Our business development and audit program focus on the strategically important areas of your business development and marketing practices to identify best practices, as well as gaps within your team, missing skill sets and lack of structure and processes in certain areas.

We help you gain insight by providing analysis of these areas and recommendations on how you can improve weak spots, maintain strengths, and develop best practices.

MBD Plan

We help firms develop a comprehensive marketing and business development plan. Based on the findings of MBD Audit, and the firm’s overall business strategy, we will draft a one-year MBD Plan with defined goals and select tools for their accomplishment.

Whether you’re interested in market opportunity research, pricing strategy research, or simply how to differentiate your firm from the competition, our business-to-business market research will help you improve and grow your business.

Client Surveys and Interviews

Understanding what is important to your clients is critical for maintaining their satisfaction with your services and getting new mandates. It is also crucial for effectively developing your growth strategy, managing your business development and marketing strategy and initiatives and successfully managing your practice. With independent third-party interviews, your clients feel freer to give honest feedback and are often willing to discuss upcoming plans and legal service mandates.

Pitch & Proposal Process

Creating winning pitch documents is key to the success of a business. The entire pitching process, from lead to acquisition should be customized and streamlined with key messages in place to ensure that your business is producing top quality documents with minimum investment in time and resources. When RfPs come in, it is important to have standardized materials ready so that your team can focus on the parts of the proposal that need to be customized for that particular matter.

The internal process is of key importance for managing a quality proposal response. We will help you develop a proposal management process in line with your internal requirements, to maximize impact with a minimum investment of your resources.


We help you build your inner business development and marketing capacities and strengths through customised training.

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