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Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners

Brand Identity and MBD support for Apostolska Aleksandrovski and Partners, a leading full-service corporate law firm based in North Macedonia.


The Challenge

We were tasked with establishing a sophisticated and approachable system that would appeal to the business savvy and entrepreneurial audience and asked to develop a new visual language that would be confident, bold, and cohesive. This impression would extend across stationery, business cards, brochure, e-documents templates, web design and implementation.

Also, the client requested support in the legal directories submission process in order to position themselves better in the international legal market.



Our team conducted a strategic review (MBD due diligence) based on which we clarified the client’s positioning, created new messaging and new brand identity. Starting with the existing website platform, we restructured and redesigned the complete website, so that it fitted this law firms’ business goals better.

The new logotype and logomark depict a minimalist approach. The logomark is built by intersecting two letters A’s that turn itself into a kind of a puzzle. Just as legal consulting frequently means assembling multiple points of view to solve complex legal issues and using multidisciplinary thinking and expertise to provide truly integrated legal services and modern business solutions, these various parts come together to form a full picture. The re-imagined logo mark can be used in endlessly changing forms since geometric shapes can be pulled out to configure limitless motifs and super-graphics that extend the brand.

Once the basic branding elements were developed, we designed the firm’s stationery that fitted the new visual identity. Our team also created the law firm’s company brochure. The task at hand included the development of specific brand messaging and content drafting. The brochure design was created so that it further emphasizes the defined messaging.

  • Content

    Market Analyses, Website structure and content drafting, Company brochure

  • Branding

    Brand messaging, Logo redesign, Website restructure, Design Layout, Creative direction, Brand system definition, Derivative assets