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Litričin Law

We delivered a turnkey website solution for a law firm focusing on a particular legal niche.


The Challenge

Litričin law is a Serbian boutique law firm specialising in public procurement, concessions, public-private partnerships and the PRAG rule. New Angles Consulting partnered with Litričin Law to produce a new website. The experienced legal team pride themselves in quality service focusing on a particular legal niche. Our task was to identify and refine these values, define brand tonality, fine-tune competitive advantages and clarify market positioning. The only prerequisites were to use the existing law firm logo and existing colour palette.


After analysing the current market trends in that particular legal area, our team suggested a website platform structure, taking into account the type of services offered, and on-page SEO requirements and functionalities. We created distinct messaging that best fitted the client’s niche and approach to delivering services. Based on the client’s input we redrafted practice area texts and content for the website.

Also, using the existing logo we derived a fresh visual language, including other branding elements such as font, iconography, photography, etc. to be used for overall website design and all collateral.

  • Content

    Market Analyses, Website structure and functionalities creation, Website content drafting, Brand messages development

  • Branding

    Website design, Design Layout, Creative Direction, Brand system definition, Derivative Assets