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Hybrid event: Bridging the live and virtual experience

As the boundaries between the online and offline world getting more and more blurred and with the help of sophisticated technologies, two audiences from different locations may now come together and enjoy the same or similar experience at the same time. People who cannot attend due to travel restrictions can now actively participate in the event as delegates, speakers or exhibitors. Hybrid events combine in-person and virtual elements to enable attendees to enjoy interactive content, the chance to connect, mingle and place their virtual stands at a virtual expo.

Networking is the important element of most professional events and cutting-edge virtual events platforms are particularly designed to enhance this feature and enable virtual participants to reach even larger audiences than those at in-person event. The same can be said for products promoted on virtual stands, especially considering that some of these products are actually intended to be used in an online setting.

The dual nature of a hybrid event expands the promotional offering to sponsors, giving them chance to place their logos both onsite and online and promote their product in a dual setting.

If all goes according to plan, the pandemic will be well behind us before the SEE Gaming Business Forum takes place in November with the addition of an all-new virtual online component. We hope to see you there!

Stay healthy and safe!